Three Common Uses for a Butterfly Valve at Home

A butterfly valve functions like the conventional valve, which is to control the flow of liquid or gas. However, there are several benefits that the butterfly valves have, but others don’t. First, it is the design’s space efficiency. If you want to install a plumbing system in a small room, a ball valve will take too much space. Second, a butterfly valve is faster to open than the other types. Third, it can deliver a powerful flow without any hindrance. But what are the possible applications for this valve at home?

Swimming Pool

clean pool waterA home swimming pool requires a smart plumbing system. Otherwise, draining and refilling the pool will be an arduous task. And as mentioned in the opening paragraph, butterfly valves can take a powerful flow and pass it fast to the plumbing line. If you install it in both the refilling and drain channels, then you’ll have a pool that is easy to clean.

Moreover, butterfly valves’ mechanism allows the flow to go both forward and backward. Therefore, when installed in the pool, you can throttle the water flow back into the pool for backwashing. It is a very important hygiene-related procedure since it can eliminate the remaining chlorine, urine, and other waste materials.

Garden Irrigation System

If you’re an avid gardener, you should have been familiar with butterfly valves. If you have not heard of it, then today is your luckiest day because this valve might be the ultimate solution you’ve been waiting so far!

First, this valve allows a reverse flow, which means that you can slightly open it for constant watering to the plants without overdoing it. Second, butterfly valves are light-weight, meaning that it will be easy to install in any parts of your garden without having to build a strong support structure surrounding it. Third, butterfly valves are cheaper than ball valves. Therefore, it will be your quick fix if you have inefficient irrigation at your home garden.

A Big Aquarium

a marine fish tankIf you like to build big aquariums, you are going to need this information. Butterfly valves are thin in design so that it can fit perfectly to your aquarium design. Its light-weight also makes this valve ideal for aquariums. Second, it does not add unnecessary weight to the water system so that the aquarium will still be moveable. Third, the reverse flow enables you to clean the aquarium easily. And you do not need to have two valves in the aquarium’s water system.

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